Balaclava and the Yetis

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There are only so many hours in the day, and most of them are spent in front of a drawing board at the minute. The blog’s taken a hit, I admit, and I hang my head in shame. However, I’ve been very busy on the drawing front, creating the comic sections for my Mythical 9th Division books.


This here character is Balaclava, the baddie of the first story, Operation Ice Age. More of his dastardly actions will be revealed in good time, but for now, let’s just say that he has a very powerful Thermogun in his hands!

And so, for anyone wishing to know about the third and final Mousehunter, I’m just about to start on the few illustrations for the insides. I’ll write about them here soon, but needless to say, there will be plenty of mice. It’ll be nice to get cracking on the final third of the Almanac!

The start of a little story…

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I fancied writing something silly, so here it is. Anyone know what painting I’ve used as inspiration?

‘Nathaniel is next to useless and Lawrence does nothing but trumpet,’ said Queen Mab, her short legs skipping across the tree trunk.
‘Forgive me,’ said the knave, ‘but Nathaniel is only a gnat and Lawrence just a Dragonfly.’
The knave was right, and when the knave was right the Queen got angry.
‘Then who do you suggest?’ she replied.
‘I think we should look further afield, Ma’am. Someone outside the realm of the oak tree.’
‘Really?’ said the Queen. The thought hadn’t even crossed her mind.
‘It might be a long shot,’ said the knave, ‘but the very person lives within a stone’s throw from here. I could get the soldiers to bring him to you?’
The Queen’s face flushed red.
‘But that would need a change of clothing!’ she said excitedly.
‘The matter is already in hand,’ said the knave, passing the Queen an ornate dress made from the purest spider’s web. ‘I know how much you like to impress the soldiers, Ma’am.’
‘And you think this person will do the job?’ asked the Queen. ‘It’s my procession tomorrow, I must look my best!’
‘He will,’ said the knave. ‘If there is a nut beautiful enough to build a carriage from, then he will find it.’
The Queen clapped her hands together in excitement.
‘And if he doesn’t,’ added the knave, ‘then he shall lose his head before morning!’

The Mythical 9th Division badge of honour

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m9badgeYou know me, I like badges and graphics and logos, and the yetis are going to have them by the truckload. This is the nearly finished design for the Mythical 9th Division’s logo. The designer’s done a grand job. That’s Everest in the back – or Chomolungma, as the Yetis would call it. There are other elements from Tibet in the design, but it’s nice to leave some things to be discovered.

Back to the woods

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It was a woodland weekend for me over the bank holiday. This time the excitement revolved around the composting toilet seat that I’d made, and also my new froe – which you can see in the photo. The froe was made by a local blacksmith, and it’s beautiful. It’s only really a strip of metal with a blade on its edge, but it’s handmade, rugged and totally unique.

The froe is a tool so useful, that I don’t know how I lived without it. As you can see at the side of the photo, I’ve used it to cut umpteen wooden shingles out of a short log, which can be used for tiling a roof. In the near future we’re going to build a covered work area, and I’ll put all these to good use.

The thing about wooden rooftiles is that they’re beautiful, sourced directly from the woodland and totally biodegradable. I can’t wait to put them in place.

Here’s a video of how to use a froe, if ever you find yourself with one in hand!

Where the Wild Things Are

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While at the school the other day I made this in class. It was an english class, in a library, where the students had to draw/make a picture book page out of a line of words. Had I been 20 years younger, it would have seemed to me like the perfect English lesson.

And I’m sure everyone’s seen this already, but I’m really excited by the film of Where the Wild Things Are. Directed by Spike Jonze its looking like the book-based children’s movie to beat all others. The Dark Crystal or Labyrinth meets The Goonies. Oh YES!

Pirate ship cake, ahoy!

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It’s my nephew’s first birthday party today, so I made him a pirate ship cake. It’s really most unhealthy, having not only a buttercream filling, but also three packs’ worth of chocolate fingers stuck all over it.

He won’t remember it when he’s older, so I’m posting it here for posterity.

Sock monkey!

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There’s a real tendency in me to keep working in the evenings because I get fidgety, so if I ever find something else to occupy my time and stop me drawing/working, I’ll do it.

It’s because of this that I was so excited to see Viv Schwarz post a pattern for a sock monkey on her blog. Always one to jump into a crafty thing, particularly if it involves making use of things I already have, I got snipping and stitching the other night, and here it is. With added mouse-ear hat for extra effect.

Katie thinks it might give her nightmares.

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