The Diary of a Mousehunter: part 1

December 11, 2009 by  
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This is the first part of Guidolfo Jones’ diary, published here for the first time. His place in history as one of the most daring Mousehunters is assured. Read on to find out why…

And so dear diary, the time has come for me to set sail once more into the great unknown. For I have been commissioned by Lord Cumberling – yes, he of the famous Iserlis Mouse Collection – with the aim of finding a rare Stickleback Mouse. This peculiar mouse can be found on the Island of Mumbar, at the eastern edges of the Great Sea, but the International Mousing Federation has recently deemed the indigenous species off limits to Mousehunters due to concerns over population numbers. The Federation knows best, I’m sure. So our voyage is not going to be as simple a task as it could have been – such is the lot of a Mousehunter.

Thankfully, I’ve heard rumour of another island, some two-hundred miles further east, which may host another small population. It’s thought that they might even be a strain of White-nosed Sticklebacks, and if so, the riches of a successful hunt will be even greater.

Setting forth into uncharted lands always makes the hair prickle on my back with excitement and this time is no different. The maps of the lands to which we sail are scant and badly drawn, and the history books describe incidents of cannibals and man-eating mice in the region. So I am certain an adventure is ours to be had.

We leave tomorrow at dawn. Our fine vessel, the White Hart, is in fine shape: my crew is ready to sail, the stores are full and our spirits are high.

Let the hunt begin!