Operation Robot Storm out and almost in colour

June 8, 2010 by  
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Yesterday was the official publication day of Operation Robot Storm, and to celebrate, I spent most of it colouring in some of the comic sections. I rarely colour in work, as most of it is line drawing, so it was excellent fun. It also reminded me of just how many other questions are raised when working with colour, and how much more tricky it is.


Here’s one of the smaller panels, both in black and white, and colour. I’ve tried to keep the atmosphere all the same, retaining muted colours to describe the cold, glacial effect of Balaclava’s Elemental. It’s interesting to see them both together, and it’s making want to colour the whole thing. Maybe when I learn how to access a parallel universe, I can get another me to sit and do it.

  • Congratulations on the publication of Operation Robot Storm! Hope this new series goes well for you. Funny how publication day looms large in your calendar for ages, but in fact NOTHING HAPPENS on the day itself. Absolutely nothing. No fanfares. No red carpet outside your front door. No crowds of cheering fans lining your way to your nearest bookshop…

    All the best with your Yetis,

    • Thanks Rachel! Publication day is the oddest thing. A bit like Boxing Day, but without having Christmas Day before it. Still, fingers crossed for the yetis!

      Thanks again, hope your Numbers is still serving you well!

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