When ideas form…

May 2, 2009 by  
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crowI’ve been really knocked out by this cold, and while I’m trying really hard to work, it’s not making life very easy. It’s only words or pictures, I know, but my brain’s not functioning. So I’m easing myself back into mice and yetis gently. Wouldn’t want to scare them with a sneeze after all.

What does seem to be functioning pretty well is my imagination. I’ve been able to scribble down a few new ideas, some of them with potential, and some of these have been successfully filled out into proper story proposals.

It’s always peculiar where ideas come from, but there’s definitely two stages to it: 1) the spark, the little nugget of a plan that comes anywhere at any time, and hopefully gets jotted down in a notebook, and 2) the sober thinking, cogs clunking around stage, when 1+1 has to equal 2 and so on. It’s stage 2 when more themes/side stories to the idea have to appear, and if they do I know I’ve got a goodie.

When stage 1 hits, I tend to create a new folder on my computer, give it a title, and hope that’ll help stir something. I might just leave it there for months, doing nothing, but I do usually come back to it. This generally happens after stage 2 of the process has taken place, and I’ve thought about it again, and found ways of making it work.

And then, more often than not, I realise it’s a book that someone else should write. Or someone else would write better. But any way, this here is a quick scribble of a crow from my sketchbook.

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