Cecily arrives into a frosty world

December 1, 2009 by  
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After Katie’s marathon three-day labour, I finally met my daughter Cecily for the first time at 09.42 yesterday morning.

There’s no way to describe the emotions involved with witnessing a birth and being present throughout the whole of labour. Like some biblical epic that would have your bum sat on a cinema seat for well over three hours, Cecily’s arrival seemed to take every back road and country lane before reaching its apocalyptic finale.

And what’s so strange about it is that she looked so alien at first. Chalky skinned and oddly non-human, it was near-impossible to see her as our child. But then, I started to see her properly. I heard her cries and her gurgles, saw her eyes and felt her five fingers clench just one of mine, and eventually I started to appreciate exactly what she was.

She was beautiful.