Yeti comic practice

April 3, 2009 by  
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I’ve been working of late on comic sections for my Yeti books. I’ve only ever dabbled in comics, but now I’m totally in the world of panel-by-panel story making. I just need to decide whether to colour them in or just use my pencil.

So this is a practice go. It was in colour, but clever me, colouring away late last night saved it as black and white without realising. Idiot!

Yeti Comic Sketches

January 22, 2009 by  
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I’m working up a number of ideas for comic sections in the Yeti book. The look of the the thing is still very much early days yet, and so is its shape and form, but I’m keen to push some illustrations into comic/film-like strips within the book.

This is from the start of the story, and is a potential lead into the first chapter. The whole page of comic is here. Like I say it’s rougher than rough, and some of the panels and pacing are awkward, but it’s a start.

And while I’m on the theme, here’s a Cryptozoology set, as seen on BoingBoing, and passed on to me by Rob (who’s one of the few people to actually have read the first draft of the Yeti book). Maybe one day there’ll be a Yeti within the plastic packaging.