The Crystal Palace Monster Book

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This year’s festival is partnering with a few schools, with the intention of creating a book of monsters. Each child will make up their own monster, and a select few will be published in the book. BUT!! We need lots of colour monsters to fill the cover.

And as that will need to be made in advance of the school visits, I’m sending out a clarion call for monster makers. If anyone would like to draw a monster that we can use on the cover en masse, that would be awesome.

Please get in touch if you’re interested!

Crystal Palace Children’s Book Festival 2010

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With planning for the festival now under way, I’m really excited to be able to show off the new poster. Drawn by the wonderful Sarah McIntyre of Morris the Mankiest Monster fame, it’s an absolute treat.

So everyone, put 23 October in your diaries, and get ready for a fantastic event!

The Crystal Palace Children's Book Festival is back in action

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festival-twitterprofIt’s been touch and go as to whether I’d run a festival this year, what with serious book deadlines and a very real new baby to look after, but now that I’m a bit more settled it’s been decided that I’d be stupid not to do it all again. Unlike last year’s festival, though, we’re moving the date to October (we almost have the weekend set – I’ll post a date as soon as I can!).

There are many reasons for this, but the big one is that it gives me more time to make it as good as can be. Last year’s was so successful that we’ll keep the format much the same, and simply do it better. So there’ll be a day of workshops, author readings/signings and a great illustration/comic exhibition. And it will all be in aid of children’s books and comics.

So there’s the obvious twitter feed, and I’ll soon update the website with new info.

It’s exciting to have it all back on the road again!

The Rainbow Orchid launch

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Last night was the launch of Garen Ewing’s wonderful Rainbow Orchid at Foyles bookshop. I have an awful lot of time for Garen and his work. After all, he did the brilliant dinosaur image for the Crystal Palace festival I organised, so I’ll always be indebted to him.

But for anyone not knowing his work, if you can get to the Charing Cross Foyles store, there’s a marvellous exhibition of his work in the Gallery. You’ll be completely blown away by seeing his pictures at huge size.

So if you’re a fan of Tintin-style comics and like a cracking adventure, what are you waiting for?

(Oh, and he said he might come and do something at next year’s Crystal Palace festival too, so hooray for that.)

Stinky cold and festival write-ups

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I’m battling a really stinky cold at the minute. I’m generally very good at avoiding colds, but this one caught me slap bang in the face.

However, even if my brain is in hibernation I thought I should link to all the places that have talked about the festival on Saturday. The write-ups have been numerous and I’m really touched by everyone’s kindness and nice words. So while I glug down a Lemsip megamix (Lemsip with personally added ginger and honey) here are as many links to festival reviews as I can find. There are photos galore!

Sarah McIntyre’s blog
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Thanks everyone!