Digging the garden again

April 2, 2009 by  
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I’m having a week of garden demolition. This is pretty dull stuff, as it happens, like sawing through a tree that fell down and churning over my veg plot ready for lettuce, peas and courgettes. I’m hoping for a better summer this year so that the slugs don’t eat everything.

The reason I mention this is because I tend to think of nothing while digging. It’s very refreshing to think of nothing, because it’s in those times that there’s space for new ideas to form. It was about fours years ago today that I was tending my veg plot while writing the Mousehunter. That photo at the top is from this April 2nd’s post on my long-dead veg blog from four years ago. Obviously, you’ll see Milo with his head in a bag of compost. It’s a pretty usual sight, Milo with his head in something, checking something out. And i know it doesn’t mention it, but at the time I was planning how Algernon Mountjack should come into the story.

It’s nice to look back sometimes.