Onedotzero and the city people

September 15, 2009 by  
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talkI attended a onedotzero panel recently about artists creating work within cities. Called Cities Interventions, the talk focused on guerrilla (sometimes graffiti) work as well as commissioned stuff, and it’s no lie to say I’ve never been so inspired.

There were three panelists, Jason Bruges, James Powderly from the Graffiti Research Lab and Deadly Knitshade. All of them had such brilliant work to show, ranging from a light installation for the olympic park that moves at the speed of famous runners (so you can try chase it), all the way to knitted oranges and lemons being attached to famous London churches.

Some of the work was small, some of it funny, some of it downright rude, but all of it came from people getting out there, trying to say something about the world or make it a better place.

The city is shaped by the people who live in it – the lifeblood of the buildings and the streets – and never has that been clearer to me than it is now.