Interviews, yetis and Ponyo

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If I’m not suffering from baby-induced sleep deprivation, I’m working or doing other such things, so I apologise for even fewer posts than normal. It’s another of those busy times, and the worst part of being so busy is that ideas always flood in when I’m up to my neck in it. Notebooks are filling up once more, but I have even less time to do anything about it now than ever.

So just a quick few things to bring you up to date! There’s a huge interview with me over at Tall Tales and Short Stories. I’ve also heard that the Mousehunter is now going to be published in Hungary, so I’m totally thrilled! That’s another country I need to visit – Budapest looks lovely!

Oh, and I’ve finally got round to watching Ponyo, the latest Miyazaki film.


I loved it, and all it’s done is make me even more excited for the new Studio Ghibli version of the Borrowers, which is released later in the year, I think.

Right then, life’s full of sea monsters at the minute, so I’d best get back to it.

An interview with Viviane Schwarz

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I met up with Viviane Schwarz on Wednesday, and was lucky enough to see all her amazing sketchbooks and studies for There are Cats in this Book. Here are a few snaps, and at the bottom of the post you’ll find the interview. You can hear her talk all about the making of the book, how tricky it was trying to make it work, why she loves the Moomins, and we even get a few exciting hints at what we’ll see in the sequel!

Thanks so much to Viviane for letting me ask so many rambling questions!

The smallest book dummy ever

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I was really lucky to be able to interview Viviane Schwarz yesterday, and while I’m editing and tweaking all the recording, I thought I’d post a picture of one of the amazing things I saw in her studio. Her sketchbooks are stunning – a real inspiration to me and I imagine anyone who sees them – and this is a dummy of There are Cats in this Book. And as you can see, it’s the tiniest, most perfect little thing ever.