The Curse of Mousebeard gets a great review in Kirkus!

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I’m suitably over the moon today, as I learnt that the Curse of Mousebeard got a great review in Kirkus. I can’t link to the full review, sadly, but here’s a snippet!

“The author’s unique vision—imagine a composite of Jules Verne, Jorge Luis Borges and Hergé—matched by stronger writing chops make this second title in the energetic series a recommended pick for young readers in search of new worlds to explore.”

It’s released in the USA on 7 April, and don’t forget, you can win a scribbled in copy here!

Interviews, yetis and Ponyo

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If I’m not suffering from baby-induced sleep deprivation, I’m working or doing other such things, so I apologise for even fewer posts than normal. It’s another of those busy times, and the worst part of being so busy is that ideas always flood in when I’m up to my neck in it. Notebooks are filling up once more, but I have even less time to do anything about it now than ever.

So just a quick few things to bring you up to date! There’s a huge interview with me over at Tall Tales and Short Stories. I’ve also heard that the Mousehunter is now going to be published in Hungary, so I’m totally thrilled! That’s another country I need to visit – Budapest looks lovely!

Oh, and I’ve finally got round to watching Ponyo, the latest Miyazaki film.


I loved it, and all it’s done is make me even more excited for the new Studio Ghibli version of the Borrowers, which is released later in the year, I think.

Right then, life’s full of sea monsters at the minute, so I’d best get back to it.

Win real Mousehunter artwork!

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Faber are running an ace competition to win copies of Mousebeard’s Revenge. The star prize is an illustration of a mouse from the book, which is not to be sniffed at if I do say so myself.

So spread the word and maybe even enter the competition. What have you got to lose? Closing date is 1 February, 2010, so you best get cracking!

Mousebeard's Revenge, out now!

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It’s official, Mousebeard’s Revenge, the concluding part of the Mousehunter trilogy is now available, and pretty cheap if you buy it through Amazon. So shout about it from the rafters and every rooftop going, and if you’re in a bookshop – even if you don’t want to buy it – go and ask the store assistant if they have Mousebeard’s Revenge in stock.

I’ll love you all forever.

Mousebeard's Revenge

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Today brought with it copies of the new Mousehunter book, Mousebeard’s Revenge. The release date is January 7th, but as I have it in my hands, there’s a good chance it’ll creep into shops – especially Amazon – before then.

I think it feels like the best book of the three. The cover’s the best, the bronze lettering’s the best, and I think it’s also the perfect length. Unlike some series, The Mousehunter books get slimmer and more honed the later they get. I was determined not to let them suffer the same fate as the Harry Potter books or His Dark Materials trilogy, and include hundreds of pages where our heroes sit in a tent waiting for something to happen, or even have whole chapters where a character sits in a tree noting the lifecycle of a peculiar new species.

In Mousebeard’s Revenge, it’s action all the way, and that’s the way a climax should be.

I hope you like it.

Mousebeard's Revenge creeping closer

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I can’t believe how quickly next year is coming around, helped in no small part to being incredibly busy dealing with Yetis. However, with January fast approaching, plans are afoot to really get behind the final Mousehunter book.

The story revolves around the three days of the World Mouse Exhibition, which takes place in Old Town. Of course, expect there to be hi-jinx and excitement, and nothing less than all-out mouse war. But more of that later.

The most exciting thing about the release of a new book is getting to make all sorts of stuff to go with it. I’ve got a few plans for hosting a real-life mouse exhibition, there’l be posters and tickets, such as that one above, and of course I’ll be doing a spot more animation for a trailer. Biggest and best of all though is that there’ll be an extra special treat for anyone interested in the secrets behind the making and creation of the Mousehunter series. This is totally hush hush for now, but I’m as excited about it as I am the launch of the new book itself.

January can’t come fast enough.

Mousebeard's Revenge cover

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It’s been a while in the making, but now you can find the book on Amazon to pre-order, I thought it was time to show you all the finished cover. This time round all the writing will be in bronze/gold foil, so if you use your imagination you’ll have an idea what the printed version will look like.


The scene on the front shows Emiline and Scratcher escaping from the Mousetrading Hall in Old Town with the aid of two massive flying mice. If you came along to see me at the Crystal Palace Festival, this was the passage I chose to read, so you might recognise it.

Balaclava and the Yetis

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There are only so many hours in the day, and most of them are spent in front of a drawing board at the minute. The blog’s taken a hit, I admit, and I hang my head in shame. However, I’ve been very busy on the drawing front, creating the comic sections for my Mythical 9th Division books.


This here character is Balaclava, the baddie of the first story, Operation Ice Age. More of his dastardly actions will be revealed in good time, but for now, let’s just say that he has a very powerful Thermogun in his hands!

And so, for anyone wishing to know about the third and final Mousehunter, I’m just about to start on the few illustrations for the insides. I’ll write about them here soon, but needless to say, there will be plenty of mice. It’ll be nice to get cracking on the final third of the Almanac!

The all new Mousehunter website

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Lots of things have been keeping me from blogging of late. First the festival, then the dreaded lurgy, and over the Bank Holiday it was because I was up to my eyeballs in reworking The Mousehunter website.

Coding’s not my strong point, but I can dabble – and I’m very good at deleting bits from templates to make new ones. A very useful skill. I’ve done it all on a WordPress template, which I think suddenly makes it all very useable, especially for me when I need to change things. Flash is all very, well, flash, but it doesn’t allow for much fiddling.

I’m happy with it – things still need a tweak or two – but go and have a look.

Mousehunter toys

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petsandowners1After seeing all the excellent Monsterism Pets and Owners figures at the exhibition yesterday, I’ve now become determined to make up my own Mousehunter figures one way or another. It’ll be good practice for the Yetis, which will definitely need toys.

I don’t know why I’ve become fixated with this. I suppose it’s much the same as badges – and I really do like those. The only slight issue is the cost of getting them made. But hey! Merchandise is the way forward.

I used to follow the progression of the Rustboy film, but that’s seemingly died, although the guy did make vinyl toys of his character. So it’s got to be doable right?

I’m in the process of rejigging and designing all the Mousehunter online stuff, so maybe I’ll soon have shop attached to it all. I’d certainly like to get some mouse prints made up. Any ideas for mousing paraphenalia, and I’m all ears, whiskers and tails.

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