A Halloween Poem

October 26, 2009 by  
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So it’s nearly Halloween, and I like to write silly poems.

The Monstrous House

The house was made of monster bones,
Just like the garden shed,
Built of fell and nasty beasts,
I’d battered on the head.

My flowerbeds were blooming,
Red roses trailed the mud,
Mixed with rotting vampire flesh,
And scattered with their blood.

My washing line was over-full,
With witches and their cats,
I’d hung them up to dry their brooms,
And tattered capes and hats

Fang-toothed birds would come to watch,
This garden of disease.
Gobbling flies and rotten fruit,
They chattered in the trees.

But people loathed this grisly home,
Disliking all the gore,
Armed with spades and pick-axe tools
They flattened it to the floor.

And if you missed it last year, here’s my Halloween podcast, with more poems and stories read out by me. In bad witchy voices.