Mousehunter toys

April 9, 2009 by  
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petsandowners1After seeing all the excellent Monsterism Pets and Owners figures at the exhibition yesterday, I’ve now become determined to make up my own Mousehunter figures one way or another. It’ll be good practice for the Yetis, which will definitely need toys.

I don’t know why I’ve become fixated with this. I suppose it’s much the same as badges – and I really do like those. The only slight issue is the cost of getting them made. But hey! Merchandise is the way forward.

I used to follow the progression of the Rustboy film, but that’s seemingly died, although the guy did make vinyl toys of his character. So it’s got to be doable right?

I’m in the process of rejigging and designing all the Mousehunter online stuff, so maybe I’ll soon have shop attached to it all. I’d certainly like to get some mouse prints made up. Any ideas for mousing paraphenalia, and I’m all ears, whiskers and tails.