Albrecht's theme: yeti music

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And yet another slither of yeti music, this time the theme tune for Albrecht! As you listen, imagine him charging around the Himalayas trying to outwit a Bigfoot!

Saar, the buddhist yeti

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I’ve been so busy of late, finishing off the Mythical 9th Division. This is my first really large scale illustrated novel, so I’m poring over every detail, making sure it looks right. It’s way harder than editing words, I don’t care what anyone says. It’s more time consuming, relies on something much more intuitive and indescribable than mere thought. Gah. It’s tough, but I’m getting there.

The second book will be much easier.

And so onto Saar. This yeti is a true mystic, and you can see him holding his Staff of Ages, the magical staff that’s passed down through generations of yetis.

If you want someone intelligent, who follows the Way of the Yeti, Saar’s your man.

The yetis go Charlie's Angels

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I’ve been visiting many schools of late to give drawing workshops, so I should put my money where my mouth is and post a new drawing. Here are my yetis in their Charlie’s Angels pose. We’re thinking this might go on the title page of the book, which means the removal of a repeated yak drawing that I’m very fond of, but them’s the breaks.

If you didn’t know already, I just finished off the first draft of The Missing Yeti, the second Mythical 9th Division title. Any writer who’s ever submitted a manuscript will understand that I’ve now entered the phase of nail biting while sitting under a gloomy cloud of impending doom. For a generally optimistic chap like myself, it’s quite difficult to maintain this phase, but I promise you, I’m trying very hard.

How could they not like a book which has a baby yeti in it, though? One that wears nappies too…

Time for a break

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rainIt’s been a long few months and now the sun’s back with us, we’re all gearing up for our annual camper van tour of duty. This year we’re venturing back to Wales, having a few days in the wilderness followed by the yearly trip to the Green Man Festival.

I’m hoping there might still be a touch of writing each morning to keep the second yeti book ticking over. (This is progressing really well at the minute, and I’m loving having Australian Yowies on board. It would be a shame to have a week’s break from it. Holiday schmoliday.

So here’s to a week away in our green fun bus.

The Mythical 9th Division badge of honour

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m9badgeYou know me, I like badges and graphics and logos, and the yetis are going to have them by the truckload. This is the nearly finished design for the Mythical 9th Division’s logo. The designer’s done a grand job. That’s Everest in the back – or Chomolungma, as the Yetis would call it. There are other elements from Tibet in the design, but it’s nice to leave some things to be discovered.

Yeti comic practice

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I’ve been working of late on comic sections for my Yeti books. I’ve only ever dabbled in comics, but now I’m totally in the world of panel-by-panel story making. I just need to decide whether to colour them in or just use my pencil.

So this is a practice go. It was in colour, but clever me, colouring away late last night saved it as black and white without realising. Idiot!

A baby Yeti

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One of my yetis is soon to babysit his niece, something which he’s a bit concerned about. And rightly so, because she’s as much trouble as he is. Still, it will hopefully make for a good story…

The Yetis' New Nemesis

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It’s been an exciting return to England, and I’ve only been here for a hazy 24 hours! I’ve just received some brilliant news regarding the Yeti books (not sure I can say much just yet, but will soon), and I’ve also had some terrific Mousehunter post.

Packs of Mousehunter’s Almanac trading cards – which are looking awesome – have slipped through the letterbox, along with copies of the American edition of the book. I can’t tell you how exciting they are. I do have a spare pack of cards, so I might have to launch a competition to win it.

And seeing as I’ve been doing lots of research and many scribbles regarding the second Yeti book while on holiday, I thought I’d post an early depiction of the new baddie. He’s shaping up to be a cracker…


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You’ll have to excuse the infrequency of posts, but I’m preparing to leg it overseas to Australia, as well as organising a Children’s Book Festival and drawing Yetis.

Things will settle down soon I hope.

But something I do have to share is this map of Crystal Palace. I like drawing maps. Usually they concern pirates and mice, or possibly events that are happening in Wales (Yeti book…), but this one was about the place at the top of my road.

Yeti Comic Sketches

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I’m working up a number of ideas for comic sections in the Yeti book. The look of the the thing is still very much early days yet, and so is its shape and form, but I’m keen to push some illustrations into comic/film-like strips within the book.

This is from the start of the story, and is a potential lead into the first chapter. The whole page of comic is here. Like I say it’s rougher than rough, and some of the panels and pacing are awkward, but it’s a start.

And while I’m on the theme, here’s a Cryptozoology set, as seen on BoingBoing, and passed on to me by Rob (who’s one of the few people to actually have read the first draft of the Yeti book). Maybe one day there’ll be a Yeti within the plastic packaging.

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