Heads up for Operation Robot Storm

March 16, 2010 by  
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The yeti storm is gathering momentum in my house. Not only have badges for all 9 mythical divisions been drawn, but extra little bits and bobs have sprung into life thanks to the wonderful designer at Walker Books.

I’m busier than ever now, and I guess that’s because it’s only a few months until Operation Robot Storm is released, and the Mythical 9th Division is unleashed into the world. I can’t quite believe how quickly time flies.

I may have to start work on my yeti outfit…

  • Hi Alex

    Loving the Yeti stuff. Can’t wait for Operation Robot Storm to be released.


  • Hello again

    I see that Walker are publishing your new books.

    I happened to meet the MD of Walker at a quiz night on Saturday.

    • Hi Jon!

      Thanks for the post about the yetis. I’ve had so much fun doing the badges – you know me, I love badges!

      And it’s a very small world! Walker Books is a great publisher. I’m really lucky to be on their list.

  • Top stuff Alex.

    My daughters are really excited but the upcoming books.

    Yetis have been one of their favourite mythical?? beings for a while. I suppose it is because they knew about this series and The Yak & Yeti restaurant being one of their fav treats 🙂

    BTW. My daughter Orla has just finished rereading Mousehunter again. She’s doing this ‘cos she bought the last one with her Xmas money and wants to read them in succession.

    All my best,

    • Hello Derek!

      Ahh, the good old Yak and Yeti! I should sort out a launch party with them!

      How did the Mousehunter stand up to a second read? And that’s lovely about the yetis. I hope your daughters like them.

  • Orla

    Hello Alex,

    I’ve read the MouseHunter twice now and I liked it better the second time round.

    I really liked it when Emiline went on the quest with Drewshank.

    I’m going to read the curse of Mousebeard for the second time.

    I’d like to read the Yeti books because I like the Mousehunter series.

    age: 9