Operation Robot Storm and new book syndrome

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yetis-cutoutSo then, it’s just a few weeks now until the yetis hit the shelves. As many of you will know, up until now I’ve only really had one story published – the Mousehunter trilogy. Of course, it’s three books, but that’s really only one story and one bunch of characters.

It’s the strangest feeling knowing I have a whole new ‘thing’ coming out. It’s scary, for sure. As a writer, releasing a book is a little like placing two years of work in front of the world, and allowing everyone the opportunity to say whatever they like about it. That work involves decision-making and puzzle solving, and who knows if you’ve taken the right course? I guess it’s like having a child and seeing it through to adulthood, knowing that when you gave it chocolate cake at the age of a year, it may not have been the best choice you ever made.

At least with a book, you can rewrite the beginning as many times as you like.

But to be completely honest, I’m incredibly nervous all over again. New characters, a slightly younger audience perhaps, and this time lots and lots of my pictures. I’m tempted to say that with the premise of a band of yetis who have to save the earth, it can’t possibly fail, but books are the strangest of beasts. Some climb a long gradual slope, some slip into puddles. Who knows what’s in store for Albrecht, Timonen and Saar?

Whatever happens, I’m still in awe of writers who create standalone novels. They must feel like this every single time a book comes out!

So if you’re bored, go visit the Mythical 9th Division website, and take a step nearer to following the Way of the Yeti. It’s the only way to go.

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