The Curse of Mousebeard gets a great review in Kirkus!

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I’m suitably over the moon today, as I learnt that the Curse of Mousebeard got a great review in Kirkus. I can’t link to the full review, sadly, but here’s a snippet!

“The author’s unique vision—imagine a composite of Jules Verne, Jorge Luis Borges and Hergé—matched by stronger writing chops make this second title in the energetic series a recommended pick for young readers in search of new worlds to explore.”

It’s released in the USA on 7 April, and don’t forget, you can win a scribbled in copy here!

  • Stanton J. Price

    I’ve just completed the Curse of Mousebeard and have in on the third book.

    The stories are brilliant–well plotted, filled with fascinating characters and engagingly written. I have only one cavil. The map doesn’t identify most of the places mentioned in the novel and in some cases seems out of scale. Storm Island should be much smaller than Hamlyn, although the map shows Storm Island as much larger. And the Mural Islands don’t match their description. But this a minor point in a great book.
    You might show a little mercy towards your American readers and add a short metric conversion chart. You must remember that we Americans, at least those my age (I’m) 70) learned the “English” System of measurement, which of course Britain no longer uses and which Americans actually don’t fully understand. But it’s what we have. Anyway thanks for the great books and greetings from Glendale, CA, a large city a few miles northeast of downtown LA.

    • Hello Stanton! Thanks for such a lovely comment. And I apologise for the use of imperial measure. I wish we’d only been taught metric at school, and then I’d never even think to use it. And that’s a very fair point about my maps. Precision in art has never been a strong point of mine. Hopefully the map in the third book is better to scale…

      Thanks again,