The Magic Thief stole my reader's block

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the magic thiefThe day after the government take the ‘i before e’ rule out of the curriculum, I have to write thief in a title.

My reader’s block has been super solid of late. I think the main problem is that I’ve been writing and working on plotlines so much that other stories just aren’t allowed in. Free time also plays its part: I’m bad at creating spare time when I could be working, and I no longer have train journeys on which to open a book and read. However, I did go on a long train ride the other day and I did manage to read a book.

The book happened to be The Magic Thief by Sarah Prineas. It’s a tale about a boy plucked from obscurity after stealing a magic device, who then becomes a wizard’s apprentice. There are elements of all the good ‘magic’ books in here – magic school, magical objects, shapeshifting into animals and so on – but what I enjoyed above all about this was how nicely it was written. It’s a cut above most children’s books. There’s no flab (Oh! Harry Potter how you could have learnt a thing or two from this), and there’s some real fun to be had. There are illustrations (not enough, though, tsk!), codes, and even real recipes for food that appears in the story. The recipes are a brilliant addition.

It’s rich and warm, and there’s even a hired thug who bakes and knits. That last fact alone would sell it to me and should be written on the cover.

  • Bakes and knits you say?

    *wanders off to buy*

    (Sorry. It’s getting stalkerish now. I blame Twitter)

    • Oooh do go buy it! There’s a scene in it where the main character has to drink truth serum, and it’s absolutely wonderful. Worth it for those few pages!

  • ReadsAlot

    I read this book and I LOVED it!!! especially the end. I’m currently waiting for the 2nd one to come by mail. You have a wonderful taste in books, what else do you recommend?

    • I haven’t allowed myself to get the second book – I’m still catching up on a pile of books I’ve been collecting. Have you read the Marcus Sedgewick books? His ‘vampire’ stories, My Swordhand is Singing and The Kiss of Death are next in the list.

      Thanks for stopping by

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